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As Ron Paul’s campaign for president winds down, many look to Gary Johnson

August 1, 2012Posted in Blog, News


By Emilie Rensink

This year’s Republican presidential primary has been truly unique. A rash of influx into the Republican Party by not-so-standard-conservatives has been a direct result of the so-called Ron Paul Revolution. This wave has lead to both controversy and a refreshed enthusiasm for conservatism across the country.

While his chances do not look good to get the Republican nomination for president, many die-hard Ron Paul supporters still hold on to the hope of a Hail Mary at the Republican National Convention in August.

Tacoma-area political activist and investigative journalist Mikael Thalen says, “I feel there are thousands of people who will never vote for anyone other then Ron Paul. I want people to vote for who they think is the best candidate. If everyone did that instead of voting for who the media says they should vote for, our country would probably be in better shape.”

For others, though, an exodus towards a different presidential candidate has begun.

Gary Johnson, an early Republican candidate in the primary, crossed over to vie for the Libertarian Party nomination, where he presumably felt he had a better chance. He succeeded at winning the party’s nomination, and he now claims to be the only other candidate, besides Barack Obama and the eventual Republican nominee, who will be on the ballot in all fifty states.

“I think that our best chance at a small government, fiscally-responsible president rests with Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate… I will definitely vote for Johnson if Ron Paul is not on the ballot,” says Catrina Glasl, who was a delegate to the Washington State Republican Convention as a supporter of Paul.

Ned Kelley, the Ron Paul campaign assistant coordinator for Washington’s Island County, had this to say on the Libertarian Party of Washington Facebook page:


“I love Ron Paul! I have loved sign-waving, phone-banking and being a delegate for Dr. Paul. Though, I was not doing it for Ron Paul the man, I was doing it for the message of freedom. The best candidate to carry that message and the movement from here is Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party.”


Washington State citizens wishing to meet Gary Johnson can do so this week. On Wednesday, he will be visiting legendary Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. He will also be attending a fundraiser at the Tacoma Rainiers baseball game at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma from 7 - 10 p.m., where a $100 donation covers a ticket, food and beverages.

On Thursday, Eastside residents will have a chance to meet Johnson at a barbeque at Crossroads Community Park in Bellevue. This event is scheduled to last from 4 - 8 p.m.

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