The following quotes from noteworthy individuals regarding Gov. Gary Johnson are not to be taken as official endorsements of Gov. Johnson's presidential campaign unless otherwise stated.

David Boaz, Executive VP of Cato Institute

"In a political world where more and more politicians let their pollsters tell them what to think, it's refreshing to discover that the Great American West has produced another leader of courage and integrity. Like Barry Goldwater of Arizona, who opposed big government before it was popular to do so, ... Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico is a man who says what he thinks. ... [Johnson] is not afraid to take on tough issues and challenge the status quo." (Source)

Chris Chocola, President of Club For Growth

"Governor Johnson was one of the most anti-spending governors in New Mexico history. ... Governor Johnson deserves special praise for his consistent use of his veto-pen as Governor." (Source)

Dan Choi, Fmr. First Lieutenant (US Army)/LGBT Equality Activist

"Governor Gary Johnson [is] much better than Obama on civil rights." (Source)

Nick Gillespie, Editor in Chief of

"Gary Johnson has a demonstrated commitment to principles. He's also got a great track record. This is a guy who is a two term governor of a state ... he won re-election in a landslide. He kept spending down ... He's a winner." (Source)

Fmr. Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr. (R-CA)

"I'm impressed with Gary Johnson because of his success in two terms as Governor of New Mexico. He demonstrated his ability to govern with extreme opposition. I definitely think he's qualified, if for no other reason than that, to be President of the United States. He's got more experience than Obama ever hoped to have in managing government and governmental affairs. ... He's got a successful track record, and he has the tools he needs to lead." (Source)

Daniel Hannan, British MEP

"[Gary Johnson is] a sea-green incorruptible who is surely the most anti-government candidate ever to have sought the GOP presidential nomination. ... He believes in personal freedom, states' rights and the US Constitution. ... During Gary Johnson's gubernatorial term, 1,200 state jobs were axed, but 20,000 private sector jobs were created. And here's the best bit: he was handsomely re-elected, despite a two-to-one Democrat majority. The fragility of the US economy is perhaps the gravest threat to world prosperity. Heaven knows the White House needs someone who can balance the books. Well, my American friends, ... if you're looking for someone who has shown that he can cut government spending, [here is your man]." (Source)

Sean Hannity, TV and Radio Host/Author

"[Gary Johnson's] record is very impressive in New Mexico. [He was] one of only four [governors] who left with a balanced budget and a budget surplus. I like that [he] used the line item veto a ton, trimming out fat. I think [he] vetoed close to a thousand bills during [his] time in office. [He] cut over 1200 government jobs--[he] didn't fire anybody. [His] state actually created jobs, and [he has] a really good fiscal track record. [He] really did very well, as Governor." (Source)

Penn Jillette, TV Host/Magician/Author

"I love Gary Johnson!" (Source)

Andrew Napolitano, Ret. New Jersey Superior Court Judge/TV Host/Author

"As the Governor of New Mexico, he lowered taxes 14 times during his two years in office, and still managed to balance his budgets!" (Source)

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)

On Gary Johnson: "I can't imagine endorsing anybody else." (Source)

Peter Schiff, President of EuroPacific Capital/Radio Host

"[Gary Johnson] talked for I don't know how long, and didn't say one thing I disagreed with. That's rare." (Source)

John Stossel, Journalist/TV Host/Author

"I'm glad Johnson is in the race, along with Ron Paul. I don't hear a consistent limited-government message from [other candidates]. We sure didn't get one from George W. Bush or John McCain." (Source)

Jesse Ventura, Former Governor of Minnesota/Actor

"If people truly want to rebel this year, then vote for Gary Johnson," (Source)