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A Man Who Would Be President Skis Tuckerman’s

April 24, 2011Posted in Blog, Facebook, New Hampshire, Twitter

A report from N-H-P-R correspondent Erik Eisele whom was along for the trip to Tuckerman Ravine:

“Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson made a special trip to New Hampshire last week to announce he’s running for president. He also swung by Mount Washington for what is likely a first for a presidential hopeful.

Johnson was about to hike three miles into Tuckerman Ravine, the most famous extreme skiing destination east of the Rocky Mountains.

Once there he planned to climb the snow-lined ravine walls and ski back down for a few runs.

“This is my thing, so I understand this and it’s great to be here.”

Johnson is a self-proclaimed underdog for the Republican nomination.

He hopes that raising his profile in New Hampshire can propel him from, quote, “obscurity to prominence” nationwide.

But, he says, his trip up Mount Washington isn’t a gimmick to get on the front page.

“I’m here and I understand this to be a right of passage in New Hampshire. If this were a right of passage in New Mexico I would have done it 400 times.”

He isn’t joking.

He climbs mountains for fun, from Everest to the highest peaks on three other continents.

“Well, if getting to the top is your goal, you’re going to be disappointed, because that may or may not happen. But if putting yourself in the position to do that is your goal you’re going to be very successful.”

(Reporter) — “How does that relate to your run for presidency?”

“Same thing. That, if the goal were to win, which it is, but if that were the end all, then I am going to be very disappointed as opposed to actually enjoying the process, and in this case the debate, and the discussion. And that’s what it is. (Aside) — I really enjoy being here right now.”

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