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A Closer Look At Gary Johnson For President

April 30, 2011Posted in Blog, Marijuana Decriminalization

From Republican Redefined:

“…I was really excited to see that Gary Johnson had announced he’s running. I’ve long been an admirer. He has a proven record, an understanding of our situation (and don’t dismiss that as unimportant – our current administration has no grasp whatsoever on the situation and that’s why it keeps getting worse), and Johnson holds to the ideals of smaller government and personal liberty so dear to the conservative heart….

…As Governor of New Mexico, Johnson cut taxes fourteen times and left not only a balanced budget, but a surplus. He was responsible for New Mexico’s longest ever stretch with no tax increase. He cut the size of state government and privatized part of the prison system. He cut government growth by half. He fought for a school choice program. He vetoed over 750 pieces of legislation, 200 of those in the first six months. He used the line item veto thousands of times, often to remove spending from bills. He reformed Medicaid, and got the state’s costs under control. He hired private companies to build highways.”

From Alternet:

“Gary Johnson and Ron Paul — Two GOP Drug War Critics Seek PresidencyMaybe there will finally be a serious discussion of drug policy in the 2012 campaign, even if only in the primaries…. Johnson was in typical form last week, telling ABC News what he was all about. “I support gay unions. I think the government ought to get out of the marriage business. And then for me as governor of New Mexico, everything was a cost-benefit analysis. There weren’t any sacred cows — everything was a cost-benefit analysis. What are we spending money on and what are we getting for the money that we’re spending? So in that sense, the drug war is absolutely a failure.”

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