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A Closer Look At Gary Johnson For President

April 30, 2011Posted in Blog, Marijuana Decriminalization

From Republican Redefined: “…I was really excited to see that Gary Johnson had announced he’s running. I’ve long been an admirer. He has a proven record, an understanding of our situation (and don’t dismiss that as unimportant – our current… Continue reading »

I Would Get Out of Afghanistan Tomorrow

Posted in Afghanistan, Blog

An interview with Robert Naiman on Huffington Post: “Yesterday, I talked to Gary Johnson about the war. While I was talking with him, I raised some other issues of U.S. foreign policy. Some highlights of the interview: “I would advocate… Continue reading »

The Pragmatic Libertarian

April 28, 2011Posted in Blog, Gov. Gary Johnson, News

Gary Johnson’s pro-liberty platform will change the debate at The Daily by Shikha Dalmia “Independent voters hankering for a genuine alternative to Barack Lyndon Roosevelt Obama on the left and Fox News flunkies on the right might have their man…. Continue reading »

Want A Small-government Republican? Try Gary Johnson.

April 27, 2011Posted in Blog, Spending

Here’s an excerpt from Michael Tanner’s article on NRO, The Other Libertarian: “…Johnson criticizes Republicans for having demagogued Obamacare’s Medicare cuts, because those charges made it harder for Republicans to propose their own needed cuts. And Johnson would cut: He… Continue reading »

Fight For The Tea Party Nod

April 26, 2011Posted in Blog, Facebook, News, Twitter

Ex-governor takes on Ron Paul for libertarian GOP support at The Washington Time by Washington Times Staff Republican Party voters are desperately seeking a principled conservative who can win back the White House. The Nov. 6, 2012, election can’t come… Continue reading »

A Man Who Would Be President Skis Tuckerman’s

April 24, 2011Posted in Blog, Facebook, New Hampshire, Twitter

A report from N-H-P-R correspondent Erik Eisele whom was along for the trip to Tuckerman Ravine: “Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson made a special trip to New Hampshire last week to announce he’s running for president. He also swung… Continue reading »

Johnson Begins Uphill Climb In N.H.

April 23, 2011Posted in Blog

Highlighting his background as a governor and outdoor adventurer, Republican Gary Johnson announced his presidential campaign outside the New Hampshire State House yesterday before heading for Tuckerman Ravine, the mountain known as the birthplace of extreme skiing. Johnson, a former… Continue reading »

Gary Johnson: ‘From Obscurity to Prominence’ in New Hampshire

April 22, 2011Posted in Blog, New Hampshire

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: Former Gov. Gary Johnson jumped into the 2012 presidential race this week, bringing his libertarian leanings – and his much-noted support for legalizing marijuana – into a still-fluid Republican field. On ABC’s “Top Line” today,… Continue reading »

The Zen Of Gary Johnson

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“The former New Mexico governor is unlike any other presidential candidate in memory” “Think of Gary Johnson as the Phil Jackson of politics. “I really think that life is about being in a state of zen,” the newly minted contender… Continue reading »

Former NM Gov. Johnson Readies Presidential Bid

April 20, 2011Posted in Blog, New Hampshire

On The Hill: When Gary Johnson was governor of New Mexico, he vetoed 750 bills during his eight years in office — more vetoes than of all the nation’s other governors combined. That, he says, makes him a forbearer of… Continue reading »